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This Vegan Weight Gain Drink Has Natural Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Great for Helping You Gain Weight Fast

As we all know, in order to gain weight, you must take in more calories than you burn every day. Getting all of you calories from food can be a daunting task.

According to the Mayo Clinic,  in order to put on a pound of weight in a week you need to take in 500 extra calories each day.

As a rule of thumb, I have been successfully gained 20 pounds by taking in 1/4 to 1/3 of my daily calorie needs from weight gain shakes. I have already written about my best tasting weight gain shake here.

I want to share with you a weight gain shake that has helped me through brutal workouts that can be hell on your joints.

This delicious weight gain shake is not only packed with the calories, protein and vitamins to help you put on weight fast. It also has natural anti-inflammatory benefits that have been critical to me powering through my workout routine.

It’s also vegan!

Gaining Weight Transformation – How A Skinny Vegetarian Gained Over 40 Pounds

how to gain weight

Drew was always the skinniest guy in the room. The picture on the left shows you where he started.

People in the office would make comments about him being “rail thin” and “needing to eat a cheeseburger”. If you are reading this, chances are you have experienced the embarrassment, anxiety and anger that comes from being insecure about your appearance.

Frustrated and fed up, Drew was determined to transform his physical appearance.

He was inspired. He was motivated. He was ready to make a change.

How Many Meals Should You Eat Each Day To Gain Weight?

So you want to put on a few healthy pounds?

Great! It’s a simple math equation. Calories in > Calories spent = Weight Gain. Use our TDEE Calculator to estimate how many calories you burn each day then come up with a diet plan that gets you to your goal.

Simple enough so far, but here is the 5 Million Dollar question…

[Free] TDEE Calculator: Simple and Accurate Total Daily Energy Expenditure Tool

How often do you come across diets that promise to get you the results you so desperately want?

Lose weight fast with Keto!

Gain ten pounds of muscle by eating nothing but pastrami sandwiches!

Okay…I made that last one up.

The truth is, no two people are alike. Therefore, no diet is perfect for everyone. However, all of us are alike in one way.

We burn a certain amount of calories each day based on our biology.

My Favorite High Calorie Protein Shake – For Fast Weight Gain

The key to putting on weight is getting in extra calories and protein to your normal diet. According to the Mayo Clinic,  in order to put on a pound of weight in a week you need to take in 500 extra calories each day.

Protein shakes are a great way to reach your daily calorie and protein goals, especially if you have a fast metabolism. The problem is most people make high calorie weight gain shakes that taste awful. I’m talking about having to gulp down with their nose plugged bad. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a healthy drink that tasted incredible?

Your search for the best tasting high calorie weight gainer is over. It’s easy to make, tastes delicious, and has 700 calories and 69 grams of protein. I made one of these every morning during my 20 pounds weight gain journey and it was the highlight of my day.