Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of frequently asked questions (FAQs), and rather than reply to them individually, it’s often better to just set up a general answer page.

I’ll usually respond to specific inquiries through the comment section on the site as well. I’m always interested in hearing people’s weight gain stories and triumphs.

Q: What’s the best way to gain weight fast?

There are lots of ways! I will post a new article every so often, and they’ll all be on different methods and strategies to gain weight quickly (while still being healthy). I’m all about balance and all things in moderation, so I don’t adhere strongly to one strategy or another.

Use the Topics section in the menu to find what you’re looking for specifically.

Q: Will you endorse my product / supplement / weight training program?

I’m only interested in endorsing products, supplements, regimens and programs that I’ve tried or have some experience in, so the short answer is no.

I also have a strong BS detector, so I’m not really into affiliate programs unless I can really get behind the product or story.

The main goal for me is helping people and providing free information.

Q: What is your training on nutrition and weight gain?

This is an easy one to answer! I have no formal training. The content on this site should be seen as purely anecdotal, and it’s all just stuff that’s worked for me. I have taken some health and nutrition classes, as well as some weight training and exercise courses. Beyond that, I’m keenly interested in these topics and always reading up.

Ultimately, the advice I provide should be viewed as secondary to a physician or dietician, always.

Furthermore, I accept no legal liability for anyone trying out any tips, advice, exercise ideas or programs endorsed on this site. These are merely stories about stuff that has worked for me, that’s all!

Q: I’m really excited to share my story, how can I do that?

I’d say the best place to share is using the comment form on each article. I’m not really looking guest posters, though that may happen from time to time.

If you’ve got more to share than a simple comment can fulfill, I’d suggest making your own blog, it’s not too difficult!

Q: I’ve tried some of your suggestions, they aren’t working for me. What now?

Everyone has a different metabolism. Protracted weight loss and the inability to put on weight can be symptoms of a more serious condition.

I definitely encourage you to visit a licensed nutritionist or your doctor if you’re not making any headway on your own.